The Next Generation Clarinet Method

If you are learning the clarinet, and have struggled trying to learn on your own, or don't feel like you are getting the most out of your lessons or band, you need The Next Generation Clarinet Method!

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Learning Clarinet Can Be Daunting...

I'm sure you have struggled with things like squeaking, fuzzy or airy sound, unpleasant high notes, poor articulation, tension...
I could go on all day with all the difficulties of playing the clarinet because I have struggled through all of them!
And, I sure wish I had something like QuickStart Clarinet when I was getting started.
Yes, even more than the lessons I was taking!

...It is going to be really hard if you are on your own!

(If you have been learning on your own for a while, good for you, and I'm sure you know how hard it is!)

You Aren't Going To Learn Everything In Band
Your band director simply does not have enough time to ensure that every single person really knows how to play their instrument properly. Their goal is to make the group sound good for a performance, and believe me that is plenty of work on its own!

You May Be Wasting Time And Money On Lessons
Private lessons are a great way to learn, but they require a lot of time and money, and if you aren't highly dedicated to practicing, lessons may be a waste. When I teach lessons, I want to make sure a student masters something before moving on, but I have had many students spend hours and hundreds of dollars going over the first, second, or third thing over and over because they aren't dedicated to practicing and have to relearn it every lesson.

Doing It On Your Own Is So Inefficient
There is nothing wrong with learning on your own, and there are many resources out there to help, but it is a slow, confusing process. Whenever I teach students who have been learning on their own they often have bad habits, and are confused about some advanced exercises they saw on YouTube without understanding the fundamentals.

There is a better way...

I have spent years trying to solve this problem and trying to create an efficient and effective way for people of any age or skill level to truly learn to play the clarinet, and I think I've done it!

Towards the end of high school, I became obsessed with music education, and trying to help my high school band to be as good as possible.

I quickly realized the problem was the fact that only a handful of kids took lessons, and my fellow students simply did not know how to play their instruments well.

Luckily, I was taking lessons and because of that it was so obvious to me how much easier really learning how to play the clarinet made everything in band. From there I made it my mission to try and teach as many people as I could and make lessons accessible to everyone.

Unfortunately, I ran into two problems. My time is limited and people didn't want to dedicate the time, effort, and money into lessons.

Though I've struggled to share my education with others, I was grateful to be able to continue my education, studying with some of the best teachers in the world, and preparing me to finally come up with the solution to the problem that has plagued me since high school...

Stop Wasting Time Working Through Method Books Without A Purpose
So many of the standard go-to clarinet method books give so little instruction and seem to just assume that you will have a teacher helping you. This makes it difficult because most of the exercises have to be done in a particular way to get the maximum benefit, and without knowing how to do them properly who knows what you are actually getting out of it.

Imagine If You Knew How The Clarinet Works And Could Solve Your Own Problems
Almost all mistakes, squeaks, bad articulation, etc. come from a simple fundamental problem. The trick is figuring out which fundamental problem is causing it. This is what great teachers are good at, but it takes many years of studying and playing to even know what all of the fundamentals are that could be causing problems.

How Much Fun Would You Have If You Mastered The Clarinet?
The reason you started playing the clarinet was because it is fun, but it is all too easy to quickly lose that sense of fun when struggling to get the instrument to sound beautiful or play easily. I promise if you can get down just a few of the fundamentals you will have such a better time playing and you will feel like you have true mastery over the instrument!

Introducing The Next Generation Clarinet Method

The solution I have been working on for years!

Finally, a complete clarinet method book that covers everything you need to feel like a master of the fundamentals.

This isn't another general band method book with very little specific information for clarinetists, and this isn't a book written by an old master clarinetist who forgets what it is like to not know how to play.

This book is organized in sections that will take you step-by-step through learning how to play the clarinet properly and then applying that to real music just like you will for as long as you play.

I'm Ready to Learn to Play Right, Now! (Purchase The Next Generation Clarinet Method PDF Here)

What Makes This Book Special...

Start from the beginning with everything you need to know, including some videos from the How to Play Clarinet Course, so you can make sure you are solid on all of the basics.

Go in depth to actually teach you the fundamentals of playing the clarinet. No need to have the expertise of a teacher to ensure you are doing things properly.

Not just for beginners! After learning the fundamentals there is an entire section devoted to exercises that you should choose from to practice daily to ensure you are continuing to find the ease and beauty in your clarinet playing.

Finally, take the mastery over the clarinet you have developed, and apply it to real musical examples. This is where the rubber meets the road and you start sounding like a true musician!

Immediately have access to the PDF download that will be updated regularly. Yeah, that's right, when you get the book today, you will automatically have access to any future updates and anything that is added to the book over time!

I am here for you and my mission is to help you succeed at playing the clarinet. If you are serious, with me on your side, you will succeed, but if for any reason you aren't satisfied just send me an email and we will work it out.

Why You Need This Now...

I can only imagine where my clarinet playing would be now if I had known this stuff and been doing it since I started playing. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to practice, or what to practice to actually learn to play well for the longest time.

The way our brains work is that we get better at doing whatever we are doing, so every time you play a note without knowing how to start it properly, support the air properly, form your embouchure properly, you are getting better at doing the wrong things!

That's why, if you want to really learn to play the right way, you have to get started now!

You Are Ready To Succeed!

Not everybody gets started on the right path to succeeding at playing the clarinet, but this book will give you all of the tools you need to find joy in playing the instrument and get better than you thought possible.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Air, Embouchure, and Tongue Position
  • Understand what you need to be practicing every day to maximize growth
  • Learn the fundamentals of practicing efficiently and playing musically
  • Avoid or correct any bad habits that are making your playing more difficult
  • Gain confidence to learn any piece with ease
I'm Ready to Learn to Play Right, Now! (Purchase The Next Generation Clarinet Method PDF Here)

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