You need to work on...

Musical Application

Congratulations! You know what you're doing when it comes to playing the clarinet, but that doesn't mean you can stop practicing now.

So what should you work on now that you are good player?

Here are some things that may still be challenging for you:

  • Occasional undertones on high notes.
  • Inconsistent articulation.
  • Even sound throughout all registers.
  • Making musical decisions.
  • Large leaps involving the altissimo.
  • Breath control and phrasing.
  • Extreme ends of dynamics.

If that sounds familiar, that's because those are the same things I think about all the time to make my playing the best it can be.

You have the ability to play the instrument really well, but now you have to be sure you are using your powers for good to convey the most effective musical interpretation. Then, do that consistently!

Now you know where you're at. But, what's next?

My mission is to help as many clarinetists as possible, not just learn how to play correctly, but to have a concrete path for putting that knowledge into action.

I have many resources, most of which are free, that I would love to send you more information about! Just put in your name and email below and I will send you my best resources customized specifically for where you are in your clarinet journey!