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Unlock your 'natural talent' in as little as 7 Days...


Great Rhythm is a Skill...that Everyone can Improve!

No matter how much you have worked on and/or struggled with rhythm in the past, I know 'you've got rhythm', we just need to unlock it by bringing together the two keys to true rhythm...

Luckily, I have already helped dozens of students master rhythm, and I have put my very best knowledge and exercises together for you in True Rhythm Mastery...

 And it has gotten some dynamite results!

"This focused practice is yielding more improvement and faster improvement than I thought possible!"

"I love True Rhythm Mastery! I now have a jumping off point to know how to play even my hardest pieces correctly."

"Beginning with the right foundation allowed me to really “see” the things that I did not realize were holding me back!!!. Bingo! Lights went on!"

"Really enjoying this! Great energy, foundational skills and narrative momentum."

Why True Rhythm Mastery?

There were two main reasons why I had to make this course...

1. People struggle with rhythm way more than they need to!

It is totally understandable when you consider the way most of us were taught rhythm...

If you went through a school music program like me, rhythm is probably a major challenge where you are left feeling like:

  • you get lost because the music is going by way too fast
  • you aren't coordinated enough to keep track of everything
  • you never want to hear the obnoxious click of a metronome again

I get it! It's not fun! 

But...It's NOT Your Fault!

You see, most music classes, community ensembles, etc. don't teach you true rhythm...

Sure, you learn how to read the note values on the page, and maybe even how to count...

But, what they don't teach very well is the context of the steady beat.

Without context, it isn't True Rhythm...

Once you understand the way note values connect to the beat, rhythm starts to feel simple and easy!

2. Rhythm is the most important part of music!

This is why it is so frustrating when you can't seem to get it...

No matter how beautiful your sound is or how perfectly in tune every pitch is, with just the right dynamics and articulation, if it isn't at the right time...

It is 100% WRONG, and everyone can tell!

You see rhythm is by far the most objective and ubiquitous part of music...

It's either right or wrong,

and every note has rhythm!

So if you aren't secure about your rhythm, you can end up destroying all the hard work you put into learning the notes and sounding good...

But don't worry, you are in exactly the right place to start:

  • having control and confidence in the trickiest of rhythms
  • feeling at ease when playing with others
  • being able to sight read with more agility and accuracy
  • enjoying the freedom of knowing you are connected to the beat
  • and just maybe finding the metronome to be an actually useful tool 😉

Yes, even for you, no matter your past rhythm experiences

Because I have spent years studying with some of the best teachers from around the world, and then a decade working one-on-one with students of all ages and skills.

And I am delighted to share with you the culmination of all that knowledge and experience in one step-by-step, easy to implement course...


In as little as 7 days, you will have the rhythm skills to:

1. Confidently line up with the metronome

2. Use rhythm to help not hinder your practice

3. Have others thinking you are a 'natural'

I'm ready! Show me the price!

Check out what people are saying about True Rhythm Mastery!

So, What's the Secret Sauce?

The Two Keys to Rhythm

If you feel like you have no sense of time or bad coordination, this will give you that 'natural talent' you thought you lacked.

You see, there are only two fundamentals you need to have great rhythm, and the exercises in this module will give you a rock solid foundation.

And with a little practice you might even learn to love working with the metronome!!!

Decoding the Ink

Rhythm notation is a far from perfect system, which is why other rhythm courses and music classes can spend all of their time only on notation and counting...

Here you will get a deep understanding of how time signatures actually work and why counting is our most valuable tool for deciphering rhythm.

But, there is so much more to rhythm than just hand cramps from writing in counting!

The Worthwhile Work

The secret to everything is still practice, but in this module you'll learn the 5-Step True Rhythm Mastery System that can be applied to any music!

Then we'll practice applying the system to real music, so you can develop the skills and confidence to impress your teachers, conductors, and colleagues.

Practicing has never been so organized, intuitive, productive, and fun!

Why this Time is Going to be Different...

I'm sure this isn't the first time you have learned (or tried to learn) rhythm.

In fact, this may not even be the first rhythm course you have looked into...

or even bought?!?

Like Susan who didn't get enough out of other rhythm courses...

"I've started at least two other different rhythm courses and they were all right, but just touched on how to count different rhythms. This is fine, but neither really helped me with the harder pieces I was trying to learn."

That's why I am going all out to make sure this program is a game changer...

Because helping you make progress and get the results you want is my mission! Susan has everything she needs!

"I've only completed four lessons and already it has helped me on a piece for orchestra with some advanced rhythms that I would not have been able to count correctly before this course!

The best thing, so far, about True Rhythm Mastery, is how in depth it goes with identifying where the beats are and how to "read" the different rhythms so they all fit into the larger picture. 

I am excited to finish the course and learn even more things that I never knew I didn't know! This will be so helpful in deciphering future pieces of music and really doing them justice."

Let me introduce you to my secret weapon...

The course includes 3 different Implementation Guides that serve as frameworks for consuming the information in the course. This makes getting the rhythm results you want as easy as putting time in your calendar and checking off a to-do list!

And there are 3 different versions so you can cater the experience to your life schedule and current rhythm goals.

7 Day - Full Immersion - 60-90 minutes/day

You will love this if you already have a decent bit of rhythm experience, but want to fill in some gaps so you can know you are nailing even the most complex rhythms and getting the most out of the metronome.

28 Day - One Month to Mastery - 20-30 minutes/day 

If you are feeling inspired to really dig in, but don't hyperfixate on things quite as much as me and the Full Immersion people, this is a perfect balance to make massive progress in just under one month!

90 Day - The Long Game - 5-10 minutes/day

Perfect for those new to rhythm or the meticulous type. This may actually be the most effective for getting long term results because it is just a bite sized bit of work each day that will snowball into incredible progress with a foundation that will serve you for the rest of your life!

No matter which Implementation Guide you go with, you have lifetime access to all three, so you can switch whenever you want, or maybe do the Full Immersion then use The Long Game to review and continue practicing.

And even though the Implementation Guides have set days, the practice never stops, and you will have lifetime access to ask me any questions too!

The goal here is to help you implement the course at whatever pace you would like because as long as you do the work, the results will come!

Are you Ready to Truly Master Rhythm?

It’s a fact that rhythm is the most objective and ubiquitous part of music, so there is the most opportunity to mess it up.

But it is also a fact that, no matter what excuses you have told yourself in the past, you are capable of understanding and feeling good about rhythm.

I have heard dozens of students say, “I’m not coordinated enough”, “I don’t have a good sense of pulse”, “Counting is just confusing” and I’ve helped every single one of them gain more confidence.

What's the Secret?

Well traditionally, you would have to search for a good teacher then spend a few thousand dollars and a few months or years of lessons with some rhythm help sprinkled throughout…

That’s what I did! I did the math once and between myself and my parents we have spent over $80,000 on my music degrees, festivals, and lessons.

And I recently realized, that didn’t include the about $500/season of marching band and winter percussion where I learned a lot of my good rhythm…

The investment was worth it though, and your investment in True Rhythm Mastery is going to be even better!

So, What's the Investment?

Just 4 installments of $97 will have you on track to do the work and develop your skills in the right way so you never have to fight with rhythm again!

4 Monthly Installments of $97

or click here to save 25% when you pay in full!

Click Here to Join True Rhythm Mastery

And when you're invested in the work, you can get results like these!

"It is working for me…I am feeling the beat more reliably...push and pull is not so scary anymore. I believe I will become a True Rhythm Master!"

"To see the results, you can’t just buy this course. You also have to get to work! However, practicing is now creating great, lasting results because I know exactly where my opportunities are!!!"

"I've only completed four lessons and already it has helped me on a piece for orchestra with some advanced rhythms that I would not have been able to count correctly before this course!"

Next Stop: Success!

My #1 goal is to help as many people as possible feel good about rhythm so they enjoy practicing and making music like I do.

That's why I am going all in and putting all the risk and responsibility on me

By Offering a Crazy Success Guarantee!

Yes, it is a Money Back Guarantee, but that's not all.

When I said my goal is to help you feel good about rhythm, I meant it, so what this Success Guarantee means is you have 100% open door access to me.

My email address is [email protected], and several times in the course videos I encourage you to email me with any questions.

And this is the level of support I will provide as needed:

  • a quick email response to point you in the right direction
  • a video demonstration if you need a little more help or clarity
  • a one-on-one Zoom meeting if some real time work would be helpful

All at NO extra cost!

And, as you go through the program, if at any time you feel like this doesn't have what you need to get the rhythm results you want just send me an email, and I will refund all of your money without a problem.

Just to elaborate on that a bit, you could get the course now, go through it, ask as many questions as you want, work with me one-on-one several times, take 30, 60, 90, 365, 730, any number of days to really get into it, and if you don't think it is going to get you the rhythm results you want, send one email and get all of your money back! 

Now, this isn't a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee...

I will give you your money back right away, but I will definitely be asking why it didn't work for you, so I can make it better for future students!

Speaking of future improvements, since I am always learning more and discovering more helpful ways to get students results, there may be additions or adjustments to the course to make it more effective in the future, but you will get all of those for free if you enroll now!

The only caveat I would add to this is in the past I have added so much to a product that I ended up raising the price about 4x because the value increased so much, so it is a really good idea to enroll now!

Get Immediate Access to True Rhythm Mastery!

Did someone say bonuses?

Yeah, that's right...

The main course will give you an incredibly strong foundation to rhythm.

You will understand the components of rhythm inside and out, and will have practiced a variety of rhythms in 12+ different time signatures.

However, there are a few other little nuances and tricks to rhythm that I want to make sure you feel good about!

Bonus 1: Cut Time and Other Rule Breakers

Everyone struggles with cut time at first, and that's because it breaks the rules. Once you understand how and why it breaks the rules it no longer feels like a mystery. And, did you know there are a handful of other time signatures that break the rules in similar ways?

Bonus 2: Swing and Jazz

There are few things more awkward than a classical musician trying to swing when they don't know how. This bonus gives some practical tips to sound hip when playing jazz or swing.

Bonus 3: Counting for Precision, Musicality, and Speed

Playing fast and keeping track of the rhythm as things go faster is one of the hardest things. Luckily, Marcel Tabuteau and his teachings found in David McGill's Sound in Motion give a system that makes playing fast, smooth and easy, while also being more musical and precise than the standard system.

Bonus 4: Rubato

Be honest, have you ever been a little unsure of the rhythm in a piece and covered it up by saying you were using rubato? Steady rhythm is not the enemy of musicality and believe it or not there is a way to bend the beat while keeping it predictable and wonderfully musical!

Bonus 5: Rhythm Tree Appendix

This is just a quick resource for reference that has a rhythm tree written out in just about every time signature that exists, so you never have to wonder how to count a new time signature again.

It's Time to Truly Master Rhythm!

I know that 'you've got rhythm', and I know that this program has the keys to unlock it. The only question left is will you make the investment to get the results?

How much longer will you struggle before you are ready to do something about it?

Remember all the monetary risk is on me with the Success Guarantee, the work is incredibly easy to implement, and once you are in I won't stop until you get the results you want and rhythm feels easy!

Get Started for $97 Today

Then 3 more monthly installments (4 total) from the date of your purchase.

Or click here to save 25% when you pay in full!

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Any Questions?