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If you are here, you have probably gotten value from some piece of free content I have created, whether that be a YouTube video, a handout in the Free Member's Area, or a Live Training...

Now there is a way to monetarily support my content, kind of similar to a Patreon, Ko-fi, or way more old school, a patron of the arts like Mozart and other composers had!

The best part is the more I can financially support myself from this the more freedom I have to create even more really valuable content to help you advance further on your clarinet journey!

See what I mean by win, win?

Oh, and did I mention, I have already cooked up some incredible rewards for all of the Dennerzens...

Yeah, that's right, check out these rewards!


Video Acknowledgement and Input

To show my sincere appreciation for your support, I will list all donors in my YouTube videos and regularly acknowledge your support in making the channel possible.

Of course, you can choose to remain anonymous, but as a Dennerzen you will be the first to know about cool new things I am working on, and have top priority for input on video ideas and future projects.


Exclusive Trainings

If you've enjoyed past live trainings like the Fixing Your Clarinet Problems Training, then you will love this reward!

These may be quick videos with actionable tips, or more casual Zoom meetings where we interact and create community while geeking out about all things clarinet and music! 


Lessons on Demand

This is a super fun way to get personalized feedback via the app Marco Polo.

While you are practicing if you have something you are struggling with (or something that is going well and you need help finding more opportunities for improvement), then you can film a quick video right on your phone. It will automatically be sent to me, and then I will reply with a video answer.

People have been loving this ability to quickly record and get video feedback, and I have been having tons of fun getting to hear everybody's playing and spread my teaching around to everyone!

Check out the video at the top of this page to learn more about this dynamite reward!


Strategy Sessions

These are super powered lessons where we meet 1-on-1 and I help clarify your next steps as we come up with your Transformation Gameplan together.

It's like having a clarinet consultant telling you exactly what to work on to get the maximum results!

You can learn more about the Strategy Sessions (as well as what I normally charge for these) by clicking here.

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Rose Level


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  • Acknowledgement and Input
  • Exclusive Trainings
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  • Lessons on Demand - 10/month
  • $127 monthly value


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Brahms Level


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  • Rose Level Plus...
  • Lessons on Demand - 25/month
  • Strategy Session up to every 6 months
  • $297 monthly value
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Debussy Level


per month

  • Rose Level Plus...
  • Lessons on Demand - 50/month
  • Strategy Session up to every other month
  • $587 monthly value
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Mozart Level


for serious results!

  • Lessons on Demand - Unlimited
  • Strategy Session up to every month
  • Custom designed to help you reach your unique clarinet dreams
  • Limited spots by application only
  • More than $997 monthly value
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