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Find all of the equipment and method books you will need for learning right on this page. You will be purchasing straight from Amazon, but buying through this store will help support the QuickStart Clarinet Community!


Traditional Reeds

A standard reed choice. Be sure to select the right strength for you.

V12 Reeds

A popular reed that provides a quick response. Be sure to select the right strength for you.

Reed Case

Store your reeds on a flat surface and have multiple slots to keep track of rotating through reeds.

Simple Reed Case

Great for rotating a few reeds and storing in a smaller case.

Cork Grease

Be sure to rub on tenon corks when assembly or disassembly is difficult.


Swab every time you finish playing. Be sure to swab the mouthpiece separately.

Mouthpiece Patch

Put on, not too close to the tip of the mouthpiece, to protect the mouthpiece from your teeth, and anchor your embouchure.

Protec Case

My favorite brand of case. A good upgrade from the case that your clarinet comes with.

Clarinet Stand

A great compact clarinet stand, so your clarinet is safe standing upright.

Zoom Recorder

Recording yourself is one of the best, and fastest ways to improve.

Pad Paper

Use this to remove moisture that builds up under pads after long playing sessions.

Music Stands

Wire Stand

A nice compact wire stand.

Pro Stand

A more sturdy, but slightly less compact stand.

Tone Books

Start with these to focus on sound and learning the notes

Clarinet Student

A great book to begin with. Teaches all the notes in a good order one at a time.

Modern Course

Another great place to start with a good presentation of the notes.

Essential Elements

A standard full band book. I would recommend using one of the others along with this as well.

Tone, Technique, & Staccato

A more advanced tone book that is great for advanced level tone practice.

Scale Books

Use these to master all the notes and fluid fingers

Galper Scales

All of the scales and a great introduction to note groupings.

Albert Scales

Different scale patterns in all of the keys across two octaves.

Baermann Scales

Multiple patterns in all keys across the entire range of the instrument.

Etude Books

A select few of the many greats

Hite Etudes

A great beginning to the study of etudes.

Rose Etudes

The most universal clarinet etudes.

Kell Staccato Studies

An essential for the study of great staccato articulation.

Cavallini Caprices

More rigorous etudes written by the clarinet virtuoso Ernesto Cavallini.


There are tons of different ligatures, as always chose what makes you sound the best.

Basic Metal Ligature

A very affordable simple metal ligature. Screws should be on the same side as the reed.

Rovner Leather Ligature

A more sophisticated leather ligature. Screws should be on opposite side as the reed.

Bonade Inverted Ligature

This is a favorite ligature of mine. Screws should be on the opposite side as the reed.


I would recommend going to a music store to try mouthpieces and see what makes you sound the best.

Beginner: Premiere

An affordable beginners mouthpiece.

Vandoren M30

Vandoren has a large line of good mouthpieces, this is a great middle of the road one that should work well for most players.

Vandoren BD5

A new, more high end Vandoren mouthpiece.


When purchasing a clarinet, especially a professional level one, I highly recommend going to a music store and trying multiple instruments.

Beginner: Mendini

A very affordable, decent quality instrument.

Beginner: Yamaha

A good, standard beginner level instrument.

Intermediate: Buffet E11

A high quality wooden, intermediate instrument.

Professional: Buffet R13

A standard of professional clarinets.


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