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Dear Clarinet Voyager,

Are you ready to start really feeling good about your clarinet playing, or maybe return to your former glory?

That's what this Test Drive is all about!

✅ Learn the 3 Keys to great clarinet playing, whether you are working on Mary Had a Little Lamb, Mozart, Mendelssohn, or any other piece (even if it doesn't start with an M 😉)

✅ Understand HOW to work on the core fundamentals that make playing the clarinet easy

✅ Experience the simple self-guided approach of The Next Generation Clarinet Method that is like years of studying with a great teacher baked right into the book

If you are ready to have less frustration and more joy in your clarinet journey I'll see you inside!

So What Exactly Is The Test Drive?


It is a quick demo of The Next Generation Clarinet Method for you to experience how the program works and get dynamite results by learning and putting into practice the 3 Keys.


Here are the steps you'll follow just like in the full program:

Step 1. Enter your name and email in the form to start setting up your login.

Step 2. Once you finish setting up your login, you will have access to the Test Drive in your QuickStart Clarinet course library.

Step 3. Watch the instructional video and download the PDF of sample pages from the book.

Step 4. Follow the Timeline in the PDF to know exactly what to work on each day, and what you should be getting out of it.

Step 5. Watch the videos that accompany every exercise to learn how to do each exercise in the most effective way.


After you finish your 3 session Timeline then you will be set with a greater understanding of the 3 Keys to clarinet playing, and have the exercises to continue mastering your playing.


And even more importantly, you will know HOW and WHY to do fundamentals, so you never have a boring warm-up again!

Clarinet Used To get really frustrating!!!


Wishing my fingers could go faster, heavy staccato with undertones, and the SQUEAKING! It was far from an easy path for me.

But, once I learned the RIGHT fundamentals, everything changed...

  • I had confidence getting the notes out when and how I wanted
  • Fast notes no longer equaled freakout
  • My sound was more full, flexible, smooth, and beautiful
  • I could play every note, even in the fast pieces

The year I figured out the fundamentals was the most my playing has ever improved in such a short time frame.

And the best part is, practicing stopped being a frustrating effort of hoping the clarinet would do what I want, and started being a productive time of making music!


Now my mission is to share the things I've learned so you can find that same satisfying progress in your clarinet journey!

Dr. Andy Hudson

Associate Professor of Clarinet at Lawrence University - Conservatory of Music

"A comprehensive, thorough, and thoughtful resource for the aspiring clarinetist. Whether you're just getting started or looking to take your skill to the next level, QuickStart Clarinet offers the tools you need to help you pursue your dreams."

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The 3 Keys to Clarinet Playing in Action

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Do you want to see the magic formula in action?

Check out this video from my Master's Degree recital at Northwestern (Niche's #2 Best College for Music, just ahead of #3 Juilliard).

On that recital I played a wide variety of characters, style, and expression...

But the clarinet playing focused on just 3 Keys, the whole time!

Those are the exact same 3 Keys I am sharing in the Test Drive, and don't worry, you don't need to already be a great player to benefit.

In fact, it is even better if you are earlier in your journey because you can get your fundamentals set in the right way, right now!

Gwenda C.

Adult Clarinet Enthusiast

"Both of my concert band conductors have commented recently that they are noticing an improvement in my confidence of playing, timing, and sound!

Thank you, this has been great for me and I am enjoying the journey!"

It's Time to Finally Get the Fundamentals That Make the Clarinet Easy Once and For All

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