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QuickStart Clarinet is all about helping you to find your unique path enjoying the splendors of the clarinet!
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Your Clarinet Dream

Music is one of the most magical, lifelong endeavors one can take part in. Though you may only play a little here or there, maybe years go by without picking up your instrument, once you embark on your clarinet journey, it is always a part of you.

Take a moment to reflect on your journey and connect with your inner clarinetist...

What are some of the things that you wish you could do on the instrument?

Have you always wanted to play a particular piece, or perform with a specific group, maybe even get paid to play the clarinet!?!

Whatever that deep desire is, that, my friend, is your clarinet dream.

Reaching Your Dreams

Now that you are more in touch with your clarinet dreams, you can use that as your guiding light to plan your path to success.

Maybe your dream will give you the motivation to practice a few extra hours each week.

Maybe you will finally get the courage to audition for that honor band or community group.

In the words of Shia LaBeouf (or Nike), the only way to reach your dreams is to
(Yeah, that is definitely Shia LaBeouf).

What can you do today to move toward your clarinet dream?

Kim's Clarinet Journey

Kim started studying with me when she returned to playing the clarinet as an adult, and was actually one of the beta testers for my first online courses!

She is making great progress in her playing and is looking forward to being able to join some community bands now!

Enjoy this interview we did where she talks about her journey and how she loves the convenience of QuickStart Clarinet and feeling like she has a clear path to success!


A Word of Wisdom

Hopefully you are feeling super motivated and excited about reaching your newfound clarinet dreams, but I want to also make sure that you don't forget to enjoy the journey!

Remember, playing clarinet is a lifelong endeavor. There is no end to how much effort you can put in and how much joy you can get out. That's what is really magical about the journey you are on!

You may achieve many dreams as you go, but each of those dreams is merely a milestone along your never-ending clarinet journey.

There will always be new dreams, so have fun, chase your dreams, but don't forget that the real joy comes from the process of constantly making little improvements.

Now What?

Your dream is set. You know what action you can take today to get yourself headed toward your dream. All that is left is to take that action!

If you aren't quite sure on what the best action to take is, that is okay!

Sometimes it is hard to find the clarity on how to move forward. After all, you don't know what you don't know.

The first step to figuring out what you don't know is to reflect on what you do know! Click the red button below to take a quiz that I made to diagnose where you are in your journey and give you some ideas on your next steps!

It is my mission to guide you in confidently moving towards your dreams and loving your clarinet playing, and this quiz will give you the answers to do just that!

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