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resources Jul 02, 2020

Though COVID-19 and recent times have been incredibly difficult for so many people, and everything is being cancelled, one silver lining is all of the wonderful virtual festivals that have been popping up!

Just this last weekend, the largest clarinet festival, the International Clarinet Associations' ClarinetFest, took place virtually. I have never been able to go before, so it was amazing to get to attend this virtually for free!

By the time you are reading this the event is over, but you can re-watch the whole thing on the ICA Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

One session that I particularly enjoyed, and think would be beneficial for all of you was about...

Can you guess?

If you have seen any of my other content, I bet you can guess...


Of course! You know how passionate I am about a good warm-up, and I highly encourage watching the lovely conversation that was had about warm-ups by clicking above, or going to this link:

And most importantly, leave a comment here with something that you learned that you will implement into your practice routine to improve your playing!

Happy Practicing,


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I can't wait to see where your clarinet journey takes you!