Live Weekly Warm-Up

resources Jul 09, 2020

After talking about the ICA video on warm-ups, it made me want to share another exciting warm-up resource that I do.

Each Monday morning (central time morning), I go live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to go over a warm-up exercise, and challenge my viewers to do it as well and see what they can get out of it!

I also love interacting with people in the chat during these livestreams, and am happy to answer any of your questions that you have about clarinet and/or warming-up during the stream or even in the comments section afterwards.

You can checkout all of my previous videos in this YouTube playlist:

Then be sure to subscribe to the channel, or join the QuickStart Clarinet Facebook group ( to catch the warm-up live each week!

Comment below with your favorite warm-up or warm-up routine, and I look forward to seeing you in the Live Weekly Warm-Up!

Happy Practicing,


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