Stories of the Pros: Clarineat Master Series

resources Jun 11, 2020

I love being able to share new cool things happening in the clarinet world, and the Clarineat Master Series is a really exciting project!

Sean Perrin and Richard Hawkins have teamed up to present interviews and discussions with some of the best clarinetists in the world!

It has been so fascinating to hear the similarities in how all of these professionals think about clarinet, but one of the really interesting things is how each of them describes those things slightly differently.

For that reason, I actually don't want to go too in-depth with the things I have been learning because I think the best thing is for you to just hear it from them yourselves!

Click the following links for each of the interviews that have happened so far and be sure to subscribe to Clarineat on YouTube or follow on Facebook for all of the future interviews!

Steve Williamson

Boris Allakhverdyan

Anthony McGill

I will share one interesting insight though. It is fascinating to hear how similar all of these legendary players are to us! They practice the same scale exercises, etudes, and pieces, the main thing that makes them professionals is their attention to detail and the sheer amount of time they have put into it.

I would love to hear the insights that you get from this series in the comments below!

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