The Grand Unified Theory of Music

mindset practice resources Apr 23, 2020

Everything you need to know to be a great musician?!?

It seems hard to gather that all into one video or one process, and though there is probably some more fleshing out to do on this theory, I think you will find it to be quite insightful!

I first learned about the Grand Unified Theory in one of my high school physics classes, as the idea that many of the principles of physics could come together into one unified theory. This idea seemed really exciting, and like such a fun things to research and try to figure out, but I didn't go into physics so I was never able to really explore that.

However, I did go into music, and after many years of studying and teaching I started to uncover a Grand Unified Theory of Music!

In my own clarinet journey, I realized that studying music is really a never ending endeavor. Rather than a process that would lead to my goal of being the best clarinetist ever, it is just a process that will give me as much as I put in.

There really is no end to how deep you can take the process, and where each individual goes through this process is totally unique! That is what is so magical about music!

Though, each individual's journey is unique, the process is more universal. That's what I was starting to uncover in The Grand Unified Theory of Music.

To get the full explanation, watch the video here:


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To give you the briefest synopsis, the theory consists of three parts: studying music, studying clarinet, and then putting those together to consistently execute your musical ideas on the instrument.

Though some people spend more time focusing on one or two of those three aspects in their unique journey, everybody goes through the same process whether they are aware of it or not.

However, now that you are aware of what the process is, you can more deliberately engage in it, and find that your practice time is so much more meaningful. It is so much easier to do the work you need to when you know what that work is!

I know I get excited about all of things because I am a huge clarinerd, but this is possibly the most valuable content that I have put together!

You will seriously be missing out if you don't take advantage of the 30+ minutes of training in this video! And if you find the information here as valuable as I think it is, you should share it with your clarinet friends and colleagues, so they can discover the secrets of being a successful musician as well!

Alright, I will stop being so pushy now, I am just genuinely, so excited about this and want to get this information out to as many people as possible because I really do think it is a game changer!

Happy Practicing!


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