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QuickStart Clarinet Blog

The Growth Model

mindset Nov 21, 2019

The formula for improving at anything is pretty simple, but it is really easy to over complicate, so I want to spell it out for you to make your growth as a clarinetist more straight forward!

Learning a new skill, such as, playing the clarinet begins with a desire to learn it. The strength of our...

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Welcome to the QuickStart Clarinet Blog!

announcements Nov 14, 2019

I'm so happy to have you here!

My name is Josh Goo the creator of QuickStart Clarinet, and I am here to help you learn to play clarinet right, now!

I have been playing clarinet for almost 15 years, and in all honesty, I spent a lot of time doing it wrong, but once I started learning how to do...

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